If At First You Don’t Scceed,

IMG_9758Clearly, structure and routine are not my strong suits. Even a whole-hearted attempted at cosplay and lifestyle blogging took a nose-dive as soon as I had too create new content. In general, we don’t give enough credit to the people in this world who wake up every day and try to create something, even though it takes incredibly mental fortitude.

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A Sttch in Time


Having not updated my Ren Faire garb since I was in high school, I have been severely lacking in early-European, historically-inspired outfits. That grungy aesthetic always calls to me, especially when you throw into the mix a reason to layer mismatched pieces and remove the need to smile for pictures. For San Diego Comic-Con 2016, my squad got our shield wall (and “SHIIEEELDD WAAAALLLL” cries) going for a Vikings group (inspired by the History Channel show that we are all obsessed with) that left us all exhausted and hoarse. But cosplayers are rarely happy with the first iteration of their costumer…  Continue reading “A Sttch in Time”

Spin Cycle Me Rght Round

15c969bb-faee-442c-8e95-3c923857c436 (2)I said I wouldn’t go backwards, but I had to talk a little bit about my current project. A friend of mine, who seems to collect friends who cosplay Game of Thrones characters, has been pushing me to create a Melisandre for a while now and I’ve been putting it off for no good reason. In an attempt to ignore that my lease was ending and that I would soon have to move, I decided to start this project one month before I had to leave my apartment. My goal was to construct the base dress before I moved, which grew into a bigger project than expected.

Brace yourselves for some poor quality mirror selfies. This is your final warning. Continue reading “Spin Cycle Me Rght Round”

A Lttle Bit Batty, A Lttle Bit Betty

IMG_9470Oh, my dear Blg! I’m so sorry for ignoring both you and my own goals these past few months. Instead of playing catch up, I am simply going to charge forward as intended: going backwards won’t help me produce more content. Onwards! Yesterday was both Pin-Up Day and Bat’s Day at Disneyland and I have been dying to make it to more Unofficial Disney Days. In spite of the impending rain and cold, I curled hip my hair, threw on my heels, and skipped off to the park with my friend Kellie for excellent outfit watching.  Continue reading “A Lttle Bit Batty, A Lttle Bit Betty”

Pintrestd? Milk and Cookie Shots

img_9031Well, I fell off the blogging wagon almost as soon as I started. I expected as much in January; I did two weeks of back-to-back travelling for work and needed a bit of time to unwind. Luckily, I’m back on it, with a fun Pinterest project from a recent craft night with my girls. Introducing… milk and cookie shots.

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Cosplay Post Mortm- 2016 in Review

13669156_10154203542496206_4135449318548363665_nLast year, I made it my New Year’s Resolution to sew at least three costumes. Technically I speaking, I ended the year with five new costumes: three sewn for myself, one store assembled, and one sewn for my roommate. Personally, I’m not as happy with my performance. I tend to procrastinate and leave a majority of my sewing until the 11th hour, when panic sets in and the stress causes my hair to fall out.

Here is what I accomplished last year and a few of my thoughts and plans for each. As I get a chance to shoot (some of) these costumes, I’ll go into more detail about their construction and how I put them all together.

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Pintrestd? Rigatoni Pie

1xx20f9hrdwsv34p371a_dsc_0127Oh Pinterest! It’s so easy to get caught up in your filtered images of domestic perfection. I’ve been trying do hard to figure out if Pinterest can actually be helpful or if it just sets unrealistic dreams and expectations. So, in keeping with my goal to create more than I consume, I am going to attempt different projects from Pinterest and record my successes (or failure). Some will be recipes while others may be those “life hack” lists that promise to make everything infinitely easier (without breaking the bank)

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